Healthy attrition is necessary for the growth of any organization as it brings in fresh talent with new ideas and energy. However, an undesirable high attrition rate not only affects the operational efficiency of any organization but also increases the costs alarmingly. Higher the attrition, higher the instability and the costsbearded by the company.

A dream job; lucrative rise in salary package; a next level promotion; lack of growth are few of the common factors driving employees to leave their organizations and move on. However, there are few others factors that compel employees to look for options outside the organization, even in their probation periods.

Cultural misfit is one such major factor that not only affects the employee but also has a great negative impact on the organization. On one side, it incrementally demoralizes the employee and reduces his/her efficiency and confidence; and on other, it highlights the glaring flaws in organization’s hiring process leading to a dramatic rise in hiring cost.

Assessing the cultural fit of a candidate in the screening interviews is an absolutely essential criterion, which most employers neglect nowadays. Employers usually assess the technical skills, interpersonal skills and the general demeanor of the candidate; however they miss on gauging the cultural fitment of the candidate with organization.

Culture in an organization is similar to a culture in any other place. As every region, country or a family has its specific culture; an organization also has its own culture defined by its own set of values, beliefs, rules and regulations, a way of communication and a way of doing business.

There is no right or wrong culture, however if there is a mismatch in terms of values, beliefs and the way of doing business between an employee and organization, both stands to lose. Employee would lose the trust in systems and processes of the organization and the Employer would face the instability and increasing hiring costs.

Moreover, if this is a regular phenomenon, then brand image of an organization also takes a hit. Good organizations always keep this parameter in mind while hiring a fresher or lateral hire, which would help in building a good brand image over the years.

An organization can’t stop the attrition completely; however it should make an effort to reduce it because of cultural misfit. Better screening of candidates’ right at the point of interviews would immensely help the organization as well as the candidate.